Birds and Bees and Flowers! O my! Ayinat loves all things Indian. From the parrots that predict our future to the Gota that decorates our temples. Whether its the neon cityscapes bursting at the seam or villages struggling to keep simplicity intact or our ancient traditional Arts and Crafts.... there is inspiration to be found everywhere!

The label celebrates the contrast of classic elegance with the chaotic vibrancy that is India! Using traditional techniques and silhouettes mixed in with modern fabrics and contemporary styling, Ayinat creates simple, fun, happy Indian attire.

Ayinat was started by Taniya O’Connor. A Fashion designer who, ever since her college days at NIFT( National Institute of Fashion Technology. New Delhi), fell in love with Indian textiles, textures and techniques. She has also worked as a Fashion Stylist and has worked on projects varying from TV shows to Bollywood movies.

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